Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You keep me here
Behind this wall
Behind this dark wall
Behind this black wall

Where I can hear see feel only you

then a hole
A small hole
One I can peek out
I can see things
Talk to people

Almost fall in love

But just as quick as it came the hole shuts up
And you, my guard, starts talking yelling
Telling me how worthless I am
How shitty I am
Reminding me of all the bad things that happened
The bad things I allowed
I was responsible

I try to defend myself against you
But you are as strong as I am, but more
I am no match for your hateful words

You throw me back into the black hole
You throw me a lifeline covered in razor wire
You care for me
You do not want me to dehydrate so you send liquor
You need me to need you

You want me to forget
You want me to look out the hole
You want me surprised and scared when the abuse starts

You want me to yourself
You cannot let me out
I am stuck in here with you

With myself.
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