Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kind Words and Cruel People

Good morning fellow travelers. We are on our final approach to North Station. The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day. Be kind to each other out there. Have a good day and help make it that way.

People are unbelievably cruel. Sometimes someone does something just so far outside my comprehension that I can't get over it.

We are sorry for the hold up, folks. We are having signalling problems but should be on our way in a few minutes. Those on the left side of the train can look out your windows and see a red winged blackbird.

I actually enjoy my morning commute. First, if I get to the station early enough for the express, I can get a good parking spot. I can see my favorite conductor. I can hear my favorite engineer. I can walk to work across the locks and down cobblestone. One thing has changed.

Good morning fellow travelers. I am sad to say this will be the last time I will say that. Three months ago someone complained about an engineer saying positive things in the morning. Then the voice was silenced. Three weeks ago the voice retired. I would like to bid adieu by reading this poem entitled "Traces"...

I cannot believe people would be this angry over a man sending out positive messages in the morning. It is not like he talked for the entire 25 minutes. He only spoke for the last few minutes. I sleep on the train and am more than happy to be woken by his kind words.

I am going to miss my favorite engineer and I hope he continues making the world a happier place.

And I hope the person who complained has a new person in their life trying to make them happy. They are clearly a miserable person.
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  1. How sad! I think I would have enjoyed him too!

  2. Maybe a bunch of people will complain and the engineer will get their job back?

  3. That's just awful. I feel like I need to find that person and slap the bitterness out of them.


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