Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I resent people who say that they couldn't possibly do chores after work because they're too tired.

I resent people who complain about waking up early, at, say, 10 am.

I resent people who own their own cars.

I resent families that have two parents.

I resent families that have two parents who complain about getting the children ready in the morning.

I resent people who only had 200 dollars to spend on their child for christmas.

I resent people who cannot understand my plight.

I am a very angry person.
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  1. You are a strong woman. You are an amazing person...a mother. You created life...you have devoted your life to being a mother. I get so annoyed with people as well. It has been so hard to hear believe complain about being bored, or having a cold or getting a root canal. People who complain about their kids when I would do anything to be able to stand up and tuck mine in. I think that so many people take what they have for granted and this post was so beautifully honest. Thank you for being you


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