Saturday, February 5, 2011

Buzz Teaches Science

Buzz Lightyear took us to the Museum of Science recently.  This is some of the good stuff he taught us.

First the T-Rex with the scarf. He insisted we see that first.

Then, disregarding his own safety, he taught us all about physics.

We stopped for lunch and showed us what a good healthy meal was.

Then showed us what he was eating.

 A guessing game with our spacey friend. What totally simple mountain has he climbed?

Everest, bitches. 

He suggested we take a moment and take in the beauty of the 
Charles River and our beautiful city.

So we did.

Next something very close to his heart.

How to relax in a space shuttle. Ryder picked it up very quickly.

 He bought a few things at the gift shop.

Finally Fuddruckers for dinner. Where we, obviously, ate burgers, fries, and milkshakes. 

He really wanted to drive the car there, but there were people already seated. He is a very polite person and did not ask them to move. 

So he just posed instead.


  1. Buzz sure gets around. Looks fun.

  2. Next time I visit - we go to Fuddruckers.

    Also, Buzz looks like he eats better than I do.


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