Saturday, February 26, 2011

Conspiracy Confirmed

I have mentioned before that I think the Post Office hates me. (The Blogger app won't let me hyperlink so you can just click my USPS tag.) Well now it is confirmed.

There was no mail on Thursday for any of the apartments. I was expecting my Netflix, but I couldn't call the post office, can't have them having them hate me more.

Friday: no mail again for anyone. There is now three Netflix movies over due. Netflix is always very punctual. I called the post office and the guy said that the carrier hadn't said anything about not delivering mail, so we must not have had any mail. Bloody liar. But what do you do?

Saturday: No fucking mail in anyone's box. Now we must have gotten at least the weekly fliers. So I call the PO again and the guy says again that the carrier didn't say anything, but when I mentioned the fliers, he went and looked. Guess what? There was a huge pile of mail for us on the carriers desk without any explanation to why it wasn't delivered. So I ran over there and got my movies and fliers.

See? I knew it. Those fuckers.


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