Friday, February 11, 2011

An Ode to the Sun

As I sat on the bench, waiting for my train, the air was incredibly frigid. I sat making myself as small as possible in order to retain what little body heat I had. The sun, an unexpected comrade, allowed me to share in her rays. She was not powerful enough to warm the air, so set her sights on smaller recipients. As her warm rays hit my heavily clad body, I took advantage of each one, drawing out all the heat that it contained. She unselfishly gave me what little heat she could, on such a winter's day. As I concentrated on her warmth, I realized that there was no body between me and her. Between me and the celestial body stood only a few layers of clothing. It made me feel important, as such a large star was willing to give such a small being warmth when I had nothing to give in return. As my train approached, I promised to sit on the east side of the train in order to continue our loving embrace.

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