Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I feel like such an ass sometimes, commenting on people's blogs. Normally I relate to the post, so I try to explain that, which makes me feel narcisistic. Or I feel like I'm trying to down play their emotions. Or I just feel dumb.

None of this probably comes as a surprise to any of you. I know that is what we are here for, supporting each other, lending an ear, letting someone know someone is listening, but, well, I don't know.

I know that I like just knowing someone hears me once in a while. And I am sure you guys do too. Least I hope so.


  1. I've been sucky about keeping up with blogs lately, but when I read them I always want to comment but usually refrain myself. I try to remember just bc you're my friend in my head, doesn't mean you're in real life, so don't be so obnoxious...it doesn't translate well via comment box. I hear you. I love hearing what you have to say. Don't stop anytime soon xo

  2. So I sent you and email, about the postcard swap. In the email I said I would follow you. I get here and instantly remember that I already do.

    I agree with you on this post. I like to know someone is out there. I usually respond back to all comments, either throughe mail, or their blog, but sometimes I just want to re-comment under there comment, and I am afraid they wont come back and see it, then they will think im a jerk cuz i never respond back to them. does that make sence? Ok. Im done, LO. have a good day!

  3. I <3 your comments. Sometimes you might not have something to say, but just reading it is support too.. though sometimes you may wonder if they writer knows you're reading.. hmm.. I feel like I have gone off track. *waves hands in air* Boobs!

  4. I like knowing that there are others out here to listen, and that you have others that listen to you.

  5. I don't always comment but I always read. :)



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