Friday, March 18, 2011

Ridiculous Traffic Happening

I was driving down a one-way street his morning. I was driving in the middle of the road, of course. As I approach a fairly wide intersection, I see a car facing my direction. The woman in the car is trying to wave me to the right side of the road so she can drive by. Well, I didn't. As I passed her in the intersection, I rolled down my window to tell her it is a one-way. She doesn't roll down her window, even though its like 50 degrees out, but still tries to talk to me. I think she was tying to tell me that she was only going a couple of houses up or something. I really didn't care. I told her, my conscience is clear. I drove off, still shocked that she tried telling me to move.

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  1. The entrance to our office parking lot is on a one way street. There is ALWAYS some moron trying to go the wrong.

    One morning I made a woman back up, I was NOT moving so she could go up the street the wrong way AND she was blocking the entrance to the parking lot.

    I swear some people are retarded.


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