Friday, April 8, 2011

Hate and Loathing

I hate him. I have no good reason, I just hate him. Loathe him perhaps.

He's normal enough looking, I guess. An older man with a briefcase. He parks near me, gets on at the same door on the same train as me. He takes the same return train, then we walk parallel to our cars.

Couldn't he be a friend? We have so much in common. No. Because I hate him.

One morning I decided I would speak to him. That should dispel any hatred I have, just seeing him as a normal person. We were paying for parking, next to each other of course, when I said "Wow, the parking lot is filling up quickly today." He said "Well, people park in this lot because it is cheaper than the other." No shit. That's why *I* park in that lot. Not because I want to walk farther. So that was it. The end of Operation Speech Will Set You Free.

As if I couldn't hate him any more, he got this Celtics jacket. It is so obnoxious. Besides being the mandatory Kelly Green, it has banners on the back. You know the type. The ones that teams get for winning this or that, then hang around the arena. Yes those. On the back of his jacket there is a replica of each and every banner the Celtics have won. It sorta makes me want to beat him over the head.

One last piece of evidence for you, before I bore you and anger myself. When he gets his receipt from the parking meter, he places it on top of the meter. Wtf? I am tempted to tell him to just throw it on the ground. Is is really kidding himself by thinking that by putting it on top of something, it is not littering? I bet 5 minutes pass before that thing is flying all over the damned parking lot.

Maybe I'll offer to take it next time. "Instead of you littering, I'll take that paper for you." Maybe.

Or maybe I'll just hit him over the head.


  1. There is a guy like that at my Y. I just HATE him and I have no real reason why except his stupid newspaper and COLLEGE football jacket - that looks like it is from his college days. I mean GET OVER YOURSELF. Plus he farted really bad on the machine in front of me once when I was pregnant. *shudder*

  2. I vote for hitting him over the head, repeatedly!

  3. Hit him. You'll probably feel better if you do. :)

  4. I think it's good to have something to channel your anger least he's supportive by being there so you can loathe him. :)

    I'm teasing you...there are just some people out there that bug the crap out of you for no apparent reason.

  5. Hit him after a swift kick to his sack.


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