Friday, May 13, 2011

15 Fictional Characters That Have Influenced You

1.Raoul Duke (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) – the first to come to mind. We used to watch this movie over and over again in college. Many of my phrases have been taken from Raoul. Raoul Duke is a fictional character. Hunter S. Thompson created that mimicked himself.

2.Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Rocky Horror) – Many of my choices is people who are not afraid to be themselves. The Dr. is one of them.

3.Frankenstein’s monster – He travels around and people are scared of him. Like the monster, I don’t always know what is right.

4.Bilbo Baggins (Lord of the Rings) – “It's a dangerous business going out your front door.”

5.Spongebob Squarepants – I can relate events in my life to Spongebob episodes.

6.Jacob Grace (God-Shaped Hole) -
"If your intentions are pure I am seeking a friend for the end of the world." Jacob was himself. No apologies. And he loved so passionately.

7.Gonzo (Muppets) – Gonzo is always depressed and unhappy with who he is. So am I.

8.Eeyore – Eeyore is also depressed. Even his happy is sort of sad.

9.Batman – Batman is my favorite superhero. He is an ordinary guy who goes out and serves justice. My hero!

10.Gambit (X-Men) – I wanted to marry Gambit. Still do.

11.Daisy (The Great Gatsby) – I am not sure why I chose Daisy. Maybe it was her great love towards Jay.

12.Michael Corleone (The Godfather) – Michael thought he knew what was right. He thought everything was black and white, but it isn’t. Something I am still learning.

13.Daria – Daria is who I imagined I was.

14.Rayanne Graff (My So-Called Life) – Rayanne was someone who I wanted to be. And her nickname was Rainey.

15.Laura Wingfield (The Glass Menagerie) – Laura is so fragile and innocent – like her glass. I think of myself as fragile.

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