Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This past weekend I attended the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp. Its was fun, informative, tasty, social, and all sorts of other adjectives. My favorite part was hanging out with my friends Melissa and Frannie. Oh, and the wine. The wine was good.

I went into it knowing that I wanted to change my blog. I wanted a new name and along with that a new center. Something more aligned with who I am now. One of the first suggestions made at the conference was "Buy your own domain name." So, that went right up there with my first priorities. Who doesn't want their own dot com?

The first presentation was from Amy Bradley Hole from Be Better Branding. This was right along the lines with my goals. She gave us some questions for us to answer for ourselves. Including "What is my promise?" and "What is my story?"

There was some information that I wasn't interested in/didn't understand. SEO, for instance, what the fuck? I do not get that shit at all. Writing a good pitch, just not what I need.

I met a ton of people. A ton. Everyone was super nice. Not everyone had a blog. Some were in marketing, advertising, or was just interested in starting a blog. Everyone had a business card. You need a business card. No joke. I remember reading that on Mama Kat's blog and thinking she was exaggerating at best; no, she wasn't. My problem now is trying to match up the cards to the faces. The quickly fading faces. I need to get on that.

My favorite presentation was from Mommy Niri. She talked about using your bloggy power for good. For helping out with charities and other noble causes. But, she stressed, not letting anyone walk over you. Your time is still worth something.

I would suggest the BBC for anyone who is serious about their blog. If you are just keeping your family updated on your endeavors, you probably won't get much out of it. But if you want to improve your blog, marketing, branding, or writing, then this would be a good fit for you.

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