Thursday, May 26, 2011

Different Parenting

My mom and I parent very differently. My dad and I, not so much. My mom seems to focus on the wrong things. Or maybe just things that are less important to me.

For instance, with my mom, a two year old playing with buttons? Fine. Playing with rings? Good. Nevermind they are choking hazards. A four year old saying "Jesus"? Hell no. Playing with the shell-game-like toy he got at Wendy's? I might as well get his jail cell ready for him now.

Another major difference is teaching him the difference between when an activity is okay and when it is not. I say never climb up the slide the wrong way. Major pet peeve of mine. Mom says you can as long as there are not too many kids on the playground. What does that mean? How many are too many? How does he know? Or she says that he can climb on her legs but not her abdomen. I say don't climb on people.

However differently we parent, neither of us could be too wrong. Ryder is very happy and my mom raised four of us successfully. Though, I must say, my dad sides with me.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. I like your parenting. I think climbing up the slide, if you're at a public park and there are other kids is annoying. If it's your wee slide in the backyard, then fine.

  2. I agree, at public parks, my son knows the 'public park' rules, and that's no climbing up the slide, but backyard playground and toys, go by house rules.

    I'm in the same boat, I can say up and my mother says down... lol.


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