Thursday, June 2, 2011

15 Things To Do Before I Die

1. Buy something from a child in Mexico, paying more than asked.

2. Find out what makes me happy.

3. Have a song written for me.

4. Have a second child.

5. Grow a garden.

6. Learn to rock climb.

7. Learn to play tennis

8. Teach Ryder to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the piano.

9. Go on a cruise.

10. See Circle de Soliel

11. Drink an ale in a pub in Dublin.

12. Attend a World Series game.

13. Buy a joint legally.

14. Finish the New York Times' Sunday crossword.

15. Forgive my ex-husband.

What is on your bucket list?


  1. Great bucket list! I lived in Mexico for a summer when in college. Those children selling gum were the saddest things I'd ever seen. Most were homeless trying to support the rest of their families. Call me a sucker, but I bought more gum than trinkets while I was there.

  2. Great list Raine! I have a few of those on my list too. Check out my other blog : My Day Zero Challenge

    Looking forward to working through the 31 days with you!

  3. I think if ..when you complete the others you will reach number 2...although happiness is a constant pursuit!

  4. Hi Raine, I'm Fiona - great to meet you through 31DBBB! Love this list...some practical, some esoteric, some wishful. Definitely with you on numbers 13 and 14.

  5. I have done 9,10,and 11. I don't drink so the ale was only a sip.

  6. this is a great list. I especially like number 2.

    As for number 11, I spent a semester in Ireland during college, so can vouch for it being a great experience. Only suggestion is to maybe try a Guinness instead of an ale! It tastes a lot different in Ireland - *much* better than the US version! (some details here:

  7. That is a great bucket list. I'm hoping to go on a cruise next summer.


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