Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lia Sophia Blog Party!!

Have you ever been to a lia sophia party before? Well, now you have! Welcome! Sit, have a cocktail - what do you drink? First I'm going to show you the awesome jewelry I have:

Isn't it all really pretty? I love it. And it is coated in Rhodium so it is hypoallergenic. Which rocks because I can't wear a lot of stuff.

Wanna shop with me? Here's how:

I am your hostess so put "Raine" into the first name field.
It will pop up with my name. Click it.


For every two items you buy, you get a third for half off. They take half off the most expensive item.

I know!!

Then you can purchase up to three bracelets half off.

So, if you are interested, or just want to look around, please feel free! The party will be open for about a week. Let me know if you have any questions or anything.

Do you need another drink?


  1. Very nice! My favourite is the ring I think.

    Oh and I'm a beer drinker, I think you know that. ;)

  2. I bought some jewelry at the thrift store that I just happened to like. I later found out it was "something" as it started being mentioned that stars were wearing it. Sooo, thanks to me, Lia Sophia now has a following.

  3. I have so much Lia Sophia jewelry. One of my friends was trying to be a rep for them and I was her best customer for well, the first year of her Lia Sophia career.


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