Saturday, June 25, 2011

Night Life

Inside it is stiffling, so I grab my wine and keys and head out into the fresh night air. The night is alive with music. Spanish music that I cannot understand, but makes me want to dance. Tengo que bailer.

There seems to be people everywhere. Kids trying to procure adult beverages, young adults racing down the street, a truck that is having a hard time parallel parking. I am not outside long before it begins to rain. Starting slowly at first and deterring no one. A woman walks by with her dog.

The rain comes down harder, yet the party continues on. Children walk by with basketballs even though it is much too dark to play. Even in the city lights. The truck gives up trying to park and goes somewhere else. A second truck comes up and easily takes the spot.

My feet are getting wet, so I need to retreat a bit farther onto the porch. My glass is empty and is screaming to be refilled. I yield, running inside real quick to grab a refill and my pipe. My dog follows me out. She, too, is curious of the city noises.

The temperature is dropping and there are less people wandering about. Even my dog comes back under shelter. It gets colder and I realize I am exhausted.


  1. Your descriptive post makes me feel like I am there too! Great job!

  2. Oddly enough,...I was going to say much the same as Optimistic Mom!
    I feel it.


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