Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Parenting Joys

Have I told you how amazing children are? First they are just these little blobs then they are walking talking kids. How does that happen?

Ryder came home the other day and I told him it was dinner time. "I have already eaten dinner," he told me. Then continued to tell me what exactly he ate.

He didn't talk for the longest time and now he is telling me about what he had done.

I tried to help him get onto the first ride. He didn't need help.

He is finally tall enough for the log flume ride. I dragged him on and he was so scared. After the first hill he said "I'm done! I'm done!" but unfortunately for him there was another hill. I think it was good for him.

My parents babysat Saturday while I went out to see a show. I got back around 2 am and snuck into bed with him. He woke in the morning, hugged me and said "Mama, I missed you!"

Be still my beating heart.


  1. Crazy how they go from blobs to talking, walking kids.

    He is adorable with the umbrella.

  2. It's so great when they turn into 'Little People'. *sniff*

    Enjoy it. It goes by so fast. :)

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  4. Those are the kind of moments parents shouldn't miss. As a mompreneur, I always prioritize the needs of my children.


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