Monday, June 13, 2011


How could we resist after seeing a dachshund puppy everyday? He was our neighbor's dog and looked something like this:

It was decided that we needed a dog. Right away.

Our first stop was the Dumb Friend's League in Denver. They had the most beautiful facility. It was all new and fancy. Each dog got its own kennel and blanket and such. No small dogs though. None that would stay small, at least. We were told to come in the morning because we'd have better luck then.

Well, this was no good because we needed a dog. Right away.

We went to a small shelter, which is no longer open, that wasn't new and fancy like the DFL. It was hardly more than a large garage with a few kennels and a shit-load of dogs. There were 5-10 dogs per kennel. All kinds of dogs. There was a wall of cats, too, that was basically a bunch of cages on top of one another.

The first dog we took out to play didn't seem to like us. He was kinda old and just doing his own thing. We needed a real connection. Then we saw Penny. She was jumping up and barking and looking like she really wanted to go out. So we took her out and she loved us. Jumped all over us and was having a grand time.

Who could resist those eyes?
So it was decided. Penny it was. While we were waiting to take her home, she was trying to get to the wall o' cats. Jumping and barking all over the place. It should have occurred to me then that she would always jump and bark, but, alas, it did not. So she came home with us.

She got along well with our cats. They all seemed to have a lovely time chasing each other.

Penny and Houdini

A whole hell of a lot has happened since I got Penny in 2003. She was there for me when there has been no one else. She has traveled across the country with me. She has been on camping trips and saw the addition of a baby to our family. She has seen my marriage break up and the loss of an apartment and car. Penny is always there. And Penny is always happy to see me. Now she and Ryder are best friends. When Ryder needs someone, Penny will be there for him. 

Can you believe this is the best pic I could find?!
Penny really gets on my nerves. She jumps and barks (have I mentioned that?) and drives me crazy. At one time I thought that she was too much. I thought that I could not handle a baby and a needy dog all by myself, so Penny went to spend the week with my parents. We only got a few days in and I needed her back. I needed my Penny. Right away. I wouldn't trade her for anything.


  1. Dogs have been part of my entire life, I don't trust people who don't like them.

  2. I have just got my first dog ever. Such unconditional love. Cannot imagine life without him now!

  3. I heart dogs. Penny isn't so bad - she's just *really* happy all the time. :)


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