Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation Blues

It is the end of the fourth day of my vacation. As much as I have enjoyed not going to work, I have not been happy. I have felt guilty about not being at work. I have been feeling very lonely not having anyone to talk to. I have been sad and bored, even when I am doing something.

A couple times I was doing something fun and I just wanted to stop and lay down in bed. I just feel like crying all the time. I thought a vacation would help me shake this depression off. Au contraire, it seems to be making it worse.

So, I'm sitting in a hotel room, watching mtv, and sorta wishing someone was here with me. Anyone would do, really. I wish I was at home, in my bed, crying.


  1. So sorry your vacation isn't what you needed.

  2. I hope your vacation here is better and sorry this one wasn't what you were hoping it would be.

  3. Looking back, vacations blues are like a spoiler. But make sure you enjoy some parts of it.
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