Friday, August 26, 2011

Three Parenting Pains

Parenting. It is fucking hard.

Bath time: First off, I do not make my kid take a bath every day. I have two hours with him a day, I'm not going to spend it fighting with him about bath time every day. He hates the bath. I think he doesn't like the water on his head. It has been very difficult getting him clean lately. At first he was screaming like I was killing him. It really helped when there was two people, one to hold him and one to clean him. When we were at a hotel I was convinced someone was going to call the police. Anyways, I had to hold him down to keep him in the tub. He hit and kicked me. It was ugly. Now, I try to use a washcloth instead of pouring water on him as much as possible, then when I do have to pour the water I do it very slowly. Very slowly. And I get him to wash himself, which seems to work pretty well. He still says he is scared of the bath.

Scared: I laughed at a coworker a few months ago when he told us his daughter was afraid of everything. "Oh that is so cute!" I exclaimed. Not cute. Really annoying. He claims to be afraid of everything: his bed, my room, the dog, water, dinner, leaving the couch. He is not afraid of the GameCube though. That is just fine. I don't know what is real and what isn't. I don't want to make anything worse, but I don't want to give in to every fear, real or imagined.

Bed wetting: He has only done this twice, but it makes me worry. Sure, they are probably truly accidents, but what if there is an actual problem? How would I know? Should I be doing something different? I'm probably worried about nothing.

That is how it is, though, right? Worry, worry, worry. Worry and guilt. Sometimes being a parent is fun. Sometimes it is so not.

What do you worry about?


  1. I was a bed wetter. Not something I really like to admit but I was. I remember I was forced to go to the bathroom before bed and nothing to drink after a certain time. I grew out of it eventually. I kept me from sleep overs and stuff.

  2. The bath thing would really annoy me. Especially with hitting and kicking. No idea what makes a kid tick.

  3. kids are complicated but they usually act out when they know what they want or dont want but dont know how to express it. Hang in there.


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