Thursday, November 3, 2011

le sigh

So, Halloween is over. I am relieved, as I am every year, but a little sad. Halloween was so much fun this year. A few people came over and we all ate chicken parmesan. We went trick or treating with Ryder. He is so grown up. He went up to the doors by himself. Aww... My boyfriend joined us in time for the fireworks. We saw some great costumes. And it being a Monday night, it wasn't too crowded.

I did not dress up, despite having a costume to do so. I wasn't in the mood. But it was okay because no one else in my party did either. Guess it wasn't the year.

I am glad the effing ferris wheel is gone, but I kinda miss it. It didn't seem to bother me much this year. It wasn't as bright.

Til next year...


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