Friday, December 30, 2011

If You Bring a Preschooler to the Rockettes

If you bring a preschooler to the Rockettes he will get bored waiting for the show. He will ask you for your phone so he can play Angry Birds. He will bore of Angry Birds and play Teeter. Teeter will be too hard for him so he will ask your boyfriend for help. Your boyfriend won't want to help, but he will.

The preschooler will decide that your lap is much nicer than his seat and sit on it. Then he will decide that your boyfriends lap is even better than both. He will look up at the show and want to dance. He will want to dance in the aisle because where you are sitting is too small of an area. You will not let him dance in the aisle because it is too far away. He will see Santa on stage and he will awe. He will hear Santa start talking about the Rockettes and turn his attention to something more exciting.

He will decide that he does not want his seat any more, but he wants yours. You will get up, move his booster and sit back down on the seat he has chosen for you. You will be trying to enjoy the show. He will decide that your lap is better than his seat and sit on it, again.

Near the end of the show, he will start crying that he wants to go home. You will try to calm him just for the last ten minutes, but it will not help. You get up and leave because he is inconsolable. You will enter the lobby and his crying will slow. By the time you get to the garage he is fit as a fiddle. He will buckle himself into the car and, odds are, when he gets bored, he will ask for your phone to play Angry Birds.


Whatcha think?