Friday, February 10, 2012

Depression and Twitter

One of the things with anxiety and depression is that they are invisible diseases. I know I walk around assuming I am the only one panicky or sullen. I feel like I am the only one around that has to pause and take some pills to help me feel centered. To help me feel normal.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 10 adults report depression. That seems like a lot. I am picturing all of the people I take the train with every morning and 10% of them suffer from depression. Who knew?

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has a slightly smaller number. Major depression is a serious medical illness affecting 15 million American adults, or approximately 5-8 percent of the adult population in a given year. They also say 2% - 5% of Americans have panic disorder. Again, who knew?!

Now that I know I am not alone, there are some great places to meet others with the same feelings and problems. I really like Twitter for this. Facebook is too personal. I really don't want my uncle on my mother's side knowing my daily depression issues. I like Twitter better. I participate in a chat (#mhsm) every Tuesday night at 9:00 pm EST that talks about Mental Health and Social Media. You can follow @MHSMchat to stay in the loop about that. I also like searching #depression. Sometimes it is just stupid kids who are sooo depressed that there are no more Twilight movies, but a lot of the people on there have similar issues as I do. 

A few great resources are @NAMIMass, @unsuicide,  @natasha_tracy, and @bandback2gether. These help me and I hope they help you too. 

I know this post is full of links, but just try a couple first and if you like them, try the others. No rush, my Loyal Readers. 

And if you find any great resources that I haven't named, please leave them in the comments! I love looking for more support and knowing there are others like me.


  1. I can only imagine how hard having depression is...sure I have felt depressed especially during the time of the month, but not like what you have described. It is great that you are getting some help and feeling not alone. I think support is ideal any time we are struggling with anything. I am praying for you and your family...have been since I first came across your site. I have a prayer journal that I write my prayers in...good accountability for me and a chance to see God answer. Thank you for visiting my blog...looking forward to getting to to know you more.

  2. I found you through blogher. I have been dealing with the aftereffects of PPD/A for well over a year now. It's like a hell that never ends sometimes. I just wrote one of my first posts letting my readers actually see what was going through my mind when I slipped into psychosis last year. Depression really sucks. I'm sorry you deal with it too.

  3. Hey, you've been to the #ppdchat on Mondays, right? It's been an amazing resource in my life.

  4. only 1 in 10 report depression and anxiety? Wow, I thought it would be higher. I wish more people were open and honest about these issues (I know I try to be). thanks for posting.


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