Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Oh God Easter

Ugh. Easter used to be my favorite holiday. It was a calm and low stress holiday. Now it stresses me out.

I am not a religious person (duh) so I am not inclined to celebrate such a religious holiday. Sorry, I just don't believe in zombies. (Whoa, that was uncalled for.)

Anyways, like Christmas, it is no longer just about that, it is commercialized. So do I celebrate this nonsense, like Christmas, or can I just not? Is my kid missing out on a whole lot of fun if I do not hide eggs?

On one hand it is just some eggs but on the other it is the principle. But is it just some eggs? Once I decide to hide eggs, I have to buy candy to put in them. Then I ought to just buy a decent amount of candy. Then I ought to just go ahead and buy him an Easter basket. Then am I teaching him that it is okay to celebrate something just because everyone else is? Even if it is against your beliefs? Am I taking this all too seriously? Should I just hide the damn eggs?

Wait, if I do not let him miss out on finding eggs, don't we have to color eggs? If I am going to do it, I should probably do it right. But it comes down to this: I do not want to. I don't want anything to do with Easter. I would probably do away with Christmas if I could.

Maybe he is too young to even care.

Parenting is hard.

UPDATE: I am going to hide eggs and get some candy. It will be fun :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hard Day

It has been a hard day.

There seems to be more of these lately.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This week's Life Well Lived question:

How do you teach the children in your life happiness? Please share your best tools and tips in the comments below.

I try to teach Ryder happiness by trying to be happy myself. When he does something good or makes something I am sure to shower him with compliments and encouragement. He picks up on that and says how happy he is.

I teach Ryder that if he does something, like getting dressed on his own, it will make me happy. So he learns what makes other people happy. At the same time I try to learn what makes him happy and identify it as such. 

Happiness is difficult for me because I am so unhappy a lot. Since my Boyfriend moved in, there has been a whole lot more happiness in our house :D

Here is a link to the main post - come and join the conversation! Oh, and don't forget to enter their sweepstakes. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

And Now Some Relaxation...

I am not that shy about sex. I do not mind talking about it. I have been to my share of sex toy parties. This is why when Eden Fantasys approached me to talk about their website and products I was excited.
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store The people at Eden Fantasys are wicked nice. They have great products - for everyone. I have the FingO mini massager and the Ben's G-Spot Smoothie. I did a review on the latter. I like them both. The massager is tickley while the smoothie hits just the right spot.

If sex toys are not your thing, they have a collection of beauty and body products (click on that link if you want to bypass the sex stuff.) They have bath and body, massage, makeup, skincare, fragrance and pheromones products. Honestly, I have not been through those sections because I am more interested in the funner stuff ;)

Eden Fantasys is a great place to buy products from. Ordering is easy and the packaging is discreet. These products are great to use as a couple. It enhances intamacy and brings you closer together. And guys love a good surprise! I really recommend Eden Fantasys and their adult toys.

I am receiving a gift certificate for this honest post.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Railroad Tracks from Hell

I am afraid of the platforms at the train station. I've been riding trains for a good portion of my life - you'd think I would be used to them by now.

I am terrified that I or someone else will fall onto them. Most platforms (all?) have a space under them that you can duck into if the train is coming, but that is no comfort to me. I still picture myself falling onto the tracks and cracking my skull open and dying.

We were at the subway station one day when Ryder was much younger and he was running around the platform. He was not listening to me so I ran over and grabbed him. There was a seeing eye dog that started growling at me. All the people were looking at me, but I didn't care. My kid was not getting hit by a train. Even if that lab attacked me.