Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh God Easter

Ugh. Easter used to be my favorite holiday. It was a calm and low stress holiday. Now it stresses me out.

I am not a religious person (duh) so I am not inclined to celebrate such a religious holiday. Sorry, I just don't believe in zombies. (Whoa, that was uncalled for.)

Anyways, like Christmas, it is no longer just about that, it is commercialized. So do I celebrate this nonsense, like Christmas, or can I just not? Is my kid missing out on a whole lot of fun if I do not hide eggs?

On one hand it is just some eggs but on the other it is the principle. But is it just some eggs? Once I decide to hide eggs, I have to buy candy to put in them. Then I ought to just buy a decent amount of candy. Then I ought to just go ahead and buy him an Easter basket. Then am I teaching him that it is okay to celebrate something just because everyone else is? Even if it is against your beliefs? Am I taking this all too seriously? Should I just hide the damn eggs?

Wait, if I do not let him miss out on finding eggs, don't we have to color eggs? If I am going to do it, I should probably do it right. But it comes down to this: I do not want to. I don't want anything to do with Easter. I would probably do away with Christmas if I could.

Maybe he is too young to even care.

Parenting is hard.

UPDATE: I am going to hide eggs and get some candy. It will be fun :)


  1. Listen, I'm not into Zombies either, but you know what I believe in? Candy. So hells yes I celebrate a holiday that isn't in line with my own beliefs because damn it, chocolate is tasty.

  2. Jesus wasn't a Zombie, but I hope that your Easter egg hunt was fun and who needs an excuse for chocolate? Chocolate has a place in my heart and mouth everyday. I am not religious Raine, but I respect your choice to not celebrate Easter with church and the "secular" commercialism drives me nuts too. However, my family and I don't celebrate the Easter Bunny or Santa, but we do celebrate the whole point of those days as you say, "religious style" We do attend church EVERY Sunday...well mostly, and we celebrate those days in remembrance of a God who chose to show that He loves the world by giving up His son so we could be free and be with Him forever. Hope your day was fun with your son.


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