Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life Well Lived: Getting Organized

How do you organize paperwork both online and off? Share your tip(s) to managing physical and digital clutter!

I get hard copies of everything - bills, receipts, etc. Then I neatly organize them. I have a wire basket for the most current things and things that need to be filed. In this basket one slot is for current bills, one is for bills I have already paid, one is for current receipts, one is for bank statements, etc. 

Once in a while, I take everything, except my current bills and file them in a filing cabinet. There are folders for everything. I try to keep things only as long as they are relevant (statements up to a year and so on) and then trash them, but I do not clean it out as often as I would like. This is probably more work than needs to be done since you can get copies of anything off of the internet, but with my history of applying for help all over the place, I have learned to keep the hard copies. It is easier to make copies that way. And I don't have a printer hooked up in the house.

I really do not get digital paperwork, but when I do, I make more little folders inside other little folders. I really love folders! I also love it when things are organized and easy to access.

Want to learn some great tips on getting your stuff organized or have some to share? Here is the main post. Come join in the conversation! And visit this post for a chance to win an iPod or an iTunes gift certificate. I already have!

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  1. I deal with my paperwork the same way you do. I am very good at it so tell me why I can't find the receipt for the laptop we just bought. Augggghhh!


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