Monday, May 21, 2012

Couples Time

With all of this hype around erotica lately, I have been very surprised by one thing. Women do not use sex toys as much as I thought. It seems like a lot of people are in committed relationships and feel like they do not need toys. Sure, no one needs toys, but aren't they so much fun?

I do not think people realize that adult toys and accessories can bring two people closer. EdenFantasys, which is my go to site for these things, has tons of products that can and are meant to be shared.

For instance, they have sex kits. Some are collections of oils and lotions while others are more naughty. They also have things the aid in different positions, for example shower handles. Sometimes those showers can get tricky.

One of the really nice things about shopping online is that you can read and watch video reviews in the privacy of your own home. And this is another great activity for you to do together, If nothing else, it gets you talking about what each other likes and does not like.

And promo codes. We love promo codes :) Use code XOXO and save 20% on all orders!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


  1. everyone likes showers here)i guess this can be more interesting for u)

  2. This is kind of how I write for my blog. Thanks for sharing


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