Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Sensitive

Sometimes people say things that they don't mean. Sometimes those things are hurtful. Sometimes those things can not be forgotten.

Forgiveness comes easily to me. There are few things in my life that I have not been able to forgive. Forgetfulness is another thing that comes very naturally to me. This is why it is easy for me to forgive; because I usually forget what it was that I was angry about. I usually forget most things. I probably did too many drugs when I was younger. So it goes.

Sometimes the things that are said cannot be unheard. I wish they could be. I wish I didn't stay angry as long as I do, but there it is. These things happen. Sometimes it just takes a little bit longer to forgive and forget, I just need a little bit of time.


  1. Oh my land, I remember this song, I haven't heard it in probably a decade.

    You should look at this:


  2. I feel you! Sometimes I forgive and forget when I should forgive and remember--on occasion you have to do that to save yourself from more pain. But I think I've got it this time! Well, I hope I do... :/ And some things you can never forget, even though you wish you could. I wish I didn't feel everything so deeply... :'(


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