Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mad Me

I used to get mad. Like really mad.

In college I lived with my ex and two other men. They were very very dirty. They never cleaned up after themselves or did any chores around the apartment. It was way more than the occasional pizza box. There was cigarette ashes on the carpet, piles of trash, food left everywhere and, most annoyingly, always a sink completely full of dishes.

Always empty
I brought the dishes to the apartment. They were mine. So after the millionth time of the boys not washing any of the dishes, I decided that they would be for me only. I packed everything away but one setting for myself. They were not happy. It worked, though, for the most part. The sink was never full and I got my point across.

I got very angry one day, though. We had a Brita pitcher that never had water in it. Ideally, when you finished the water you would fill the top of the pitcher and put it back in the fridge so someone else could drink some delicious, cold, clean water. This was too foreign a concept and every. single. time. I went to drink some delicious, cold, clean water the pitcher was empty. One day I had had enough and I threw the pitcher across the room and it broke. Actually it shattered. I would never reach in to an empty pitcher again.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Tell us about something you broke.


  1. You know, it's okay to get mad sometimes. It's even healthy. I believe you have probably found your balance.

  2. One summer semester I lived with five other guys. They never cleaned, and I never used the kitchen (because I was busy eating elsewhere). One day I went into the kitchen and was met by a hideous smell. The garbage was overflowing, but it wasn't the source. The sink was, though. Overflowing with dirty dishes. I moved one...and the sink was full of maggots. So, I grabbed gloves, cleaner, garbage bags. I cleaned it all. And then I used chains and locks and locked up all the cabinets. I left a stack of paper plates, plastic utensils, and plastic cups on the counter with a note.

  3. ARGH! I don't know how you survived living with 3 males. I have husband and 2 boys and their inability to throw away a granola bar wrapper or turn off a light drives me insane.

  4. It's a challenge to live with other people. I never had room mates, but I have a husband! He's not too hard to clean up after, but to be honest, sometimes I'm glad when he's gone a trip for a week. It's a vacation for me!!!

  5. You lived with three grown men. Oh my gosh...I can't even imagine. I hope they did their own laundry. I can get your frustration.

  6. lol I have the same feelings sometimes with my boys. I think I'd drive roommates crazy because I'm not so great at putting things away or filling things up. =/

  7. I just laughed my ass off because ours is always fricken empty, too. It drives me NUTS!


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