Friday, September 21, 2012


So, good news: I didn't get depressed after my vacation was over! WOOT!

(I don't say WOOT.)

I took 2 weeks off where I did a whole lot of nothing. Didn't even find the energy to blog. But, then, I rarely do theseadays. I was supposed to go to Illinios to visit a friend, but that didn't work out. So, I stayed at home. Which actually works out because come to find out I need to buy a new car, so it is good that I saved the money.

Anyone want to buy a car that won't pass Mass emissions?


So, I am back to work. Back to the same shit, only I am a little more relaxed than before.

Ryder started kindergarten. I can't believe how big he is! He tells me that he is going to get so big that he will break his twin sized bed. That would be too much Ryder.

The buses are pretty stressful. The bus was full the first week or so, but they still put all the kids on. Thankfully they have a third (!) bus come and take the kids that wouldn't fit on the first two buses, which includes Ryder. Oh well, he gets his own seat.

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  1. So, he likes kindergarten? My little man started kindergarten this year and I think he really likes it - which surprised me because I thought he would hate being away all day (we have full day in my town). Sorry about the bus issue- that sucks. At least he gets a seat, though.


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