Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween, Again

Halloween is almost here and we already have a bowl full of candy! Salem is great. It is unique in it's Halloween celebrations. The Salem Witch Trials were here like 300 years ago. They hung and crushed to death 20 people in the span of only about a year. For a while it was embarrassing for the town but now it is embraced. Not the killing bit, but the witch bit. I feel like they missed the point somewhere, but who am I to break up the fun?

Back to the candy: Ryder got a ton during the Grand Parade at the beginning of the month. Then the following day he went trick or treating at the businesses on Essex Street.

Here he is as Foofarine (Wolverine to those not well versed in Kindergartener.)

It was a good time! This Sunday we will be getting candy at Salem State University. They have lots of free activities for the kids. It was fun last year so I am hoping for nothing less.

The Effing Ferris Wheel! This year they have turned it so it is no longer facing my house and I've got to admit that I miss it. It is also a different ferris wheel this year. Much more colorful. So maybe I shouldn't call it the Effing Ferris Wheel any more. I still will.

Finally the anticlimactic end to the month is, of course, Halloween. It is next Wednesday, in case you weren't aware. I am leaving work a little early because the roads around my house close and I would like to get home. I have some people coming over, which is fun in my little apartment. Then we will all go trick or treating. This year we will have a baby with us, I hope she dresses up too! Then, after we steal some of the candy from the kids (a tax, if you will) we will walk around downtown with the thousands of other people. We'll see great costumes and hopefully take some great photos for you!

Mama’s Losin’ It

Halloween is coming! Show us what your kids will be wearing.


  1. You have got to be living in the coolest place in the world! Very special for Ryder. Have fun!

  2. The candy tax is a well loved tradition in our home! My kids are too old to trick or treat, in their opinion, but I've got 5 nephews who still go out and show their joy at having Auntie come with them by giving me my favorite candy.

  3. lol The candy "tax" concept just alleviated years of guilt for me!

  4. I'm also laughing at the idea of the candy tax. If there is one, then I think our house might have the highest taxes in the nation!

    How interesting to hear that Salem has turned the witch trials into something of a tourism coup. Those enterprising New Englanders (of which I was one for 30 years and hope to be again)!

  5. Wicked cool costume! I have Optimus Prime and a ninja coming out with me this year.

  6. I know a little about Salem but to be honest I'm not familiar with the whole story, you got me curious now.(: Me and my daughter will be going to a family friends house and spending Halloween with them. Everyone stay safe.

  7. The Wolverine! My son soooooooooo wanted that costume but they didn't have his size. Happy Halloween!

  8. Happy Halloween...I always think of the movie 'Hocus Pocus' when I think of Salem.

  9. I bet Salem is one of the bet towns to visit for Halloween! From your post it sounds like everyone really gets into the Halloween spirit.

    Yes, we do the candy tax too. I think it is every parents right after spending a fortune on costumes then walking around for 2 hours (for us most of the time in the freezing cold) lol.

  10. Your Halloween sounds like so much fun. We had a family party with lots of food and sweets.


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