Monday, November 19, 2012

Eden Fantasys

You know I love Halloween and you probably noticed that it is over. Here in Salem, costumes are worn year-round. You don't need a holiday for an excuse to dress up.

Eden Fantasys has costumes that you are going to want to wear year-round. Inside. It would get awfully chilly outside in these outfits. Right now select outfits are 25% off! Check out the school girl:
School girl bustier - Bustier

I think it is wicked cute. I bet your partner would too ;)

Of course they have more than just costumes. Sex toys, candles, lingerie, and more. I've already shared some of my favorite things. Some of my favorite things are couple's toys. I think this is a great way for couples to come together. It is fun to go online and shop together. There are a lot of video reviews of the products and I like watching them together. It gets discussions started about what each other likes and would like to try.

Eden Fantasys is a great site to buy from. Everyone is super nice and everything is discreet. The packaging is non-descript and the billing is the same. Shopping online is nice because you don't have to awkwardly enter a store full of people and try to have private conversations out of earshot of others. Like I said, there are videos that you can watch that you would not get in a store.

Oh, and use the coupon code: SEXYTHANKS for 20% off sitewide. 

Have fun!

I will receive a gift card for my honest opinions.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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  1. I love Eden. I just placed an order with them and I can't wait until it comes in!!


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