Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Good Day

It is a good day, so far.

I had a meeting with my son's teachers to discuss his IEP (individualized education plan) and his continuing need for special education. Currently he goes to occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Found out today that after 2.5 years, he will be graduating from OT and PT! I'm so proud of him! He has come such a long way. He will still continue with speech for a while. We will see if he needs summer school a little later in the year.

Because I had the meeting at the school, I had time to get breakfast with my wonderful boyfriend! We got bagels for breakfast and an extra couple for lunch too. And orange juice. Delicious delicious orange juice.

After the meeting I went over to the train station and wouldn't you know, the train arrived at the same time I did! What timing. It was a good thing too, because it is pretty chilly out there.

That is it so far. I can't wait to get out of work and go home. That'll be the cherry on top.

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