Friday, January 4, 2013

Not Much of a Post

As you might have figured out, I suck at blogging. At least lately. I didn't ask you about your holiday shopping, I didn't wish you a Merry Christmas, or a Happy New Year. Sorry, loyal readers, I meant to. I swear. Actually, that's not true. I gave you all a Christmas card! It was just a touch late.

Loads of stuff has been happening around here. I start a Master's program next week. I'm going for a Master's in social work. It's a big change from science and I am excited for it.

The holidays were good around here. Ryder got his marble run, I got my Coleman grill. I can't wait to go camping now!

I'm sick. My boyfriend is sick. My son was sick. It sucks. Being sick sucks.


  1. I have actually thought about getting my MSW.

  2. We've all been sick around here, too, and it DOES suck.

    Congrats on the masters program. I've dreamt about going back - to law school actually - but it's been soooo long since I graduated from college that idk if I can handle being a mom AND school.

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