Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What I Am Doing Right

Jaime over at James & Jax is accentuating the positive! She has listed things that she excels at and is inviting everyone to join her.

I always linger on the things that I am bad at. Then I add things to that list things that I am good at. Then I just add more things and more things until I am convinced that I suck at life. So, I am going to join Jaime in listing things that I am good at.

  1. My job. I've been doing research for about 7 years now and you know what? I'm damn good at it.
  2. Being a mom. Okay, so 95% of the time I think I'm a terrible mom, but in all honesty, I am good at it. I'm a good mom with a great kid.
  3. Helping people. I enjoy helping people, especially those that I love.
  4. Following a recipe. I wouldn't say cooking, because I think that implies doing something creative, but I can follow a recipe.
Phew! Okay, that is enough for one day. I am going to try to linger on these things instead of the usual. Maybe I'll start liking myself better.



  1. I think it was an old song about accentuate the positive---so true , so true---sometimes we keep ourselves down, when if we take a look at the good we throw ourselves a life line =)

  2. Being good at your job is so rewarding. I'm glad you listed it! And I think all moms sometimes doubt whether we're doing the whole parenting thing right. I know I do.

    Thank you for joining in. I hope you feel better now about how awesome you're doing! :)

  3. I think we'd all do and feel so much better is we'd look at the positive more often!

  4. There are times when we feel we should change and better ourselves and then our ideas fall away and we say "We're creatures of habit." But we have to capitalize on the power of habit. A person who consistently repeats small positive actions becomes a real giant. The positive habit establishes a behavior and emotional pattern that become intrinsic and eternal.

  5. I love focusing on the positive! It's just how I roll :)
    Congrats on being so good at all that! We all need to pat our own backs once in a while :)

  6. I know I don't you, but you are good at being real and honest about your life AND you always make me feel understood when you leave a comment on my blog! Soooo you have to add those to your list of things you are good at (big cheesy grin)! Lots of love to you Raine!

  7. I can follow a recipe just fine, but I am way too lazy to do so very often LMAO.


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