Monday, March 18, 2013

Bad Day

I am having a bad day. You are probably sick of reading about my bad days. That's okay. Here's another.

Work blows. I am going to school so that I can leave the science field, but I feel like it is so far away. It is not really, I have less than 2 years until I start my field placement. I don't know how I'm going to pull that off with work. So, yeah.

School has been my motivator lately, but now I think it is a source of discontent. It reminds me that there are other professions out there and I do not have to be a research tech forever. And that kinda makes me kinda sad. Not because I'll miss science, but because I can't leave fast enough.

I've been trying to use my happy lights more often lately. We haven't had a lot of sun and it is really bumming me out. I've also been trying out lately. It is interesting and sometimes fun. I don't know if I am getting happier, but I am trying! If you want to try it out, let me know and I'll send you an invite. It has some good activities that I think I ought to do more often. Like meditating. I should meditate more often to relax myself. It is so hard to find time for myself, though. <--poor excuse.="" p="">
And I am mean to myself and neither happy lights or happify can help that. I need to stop, or at least slow down a bit. It is hard when I tell myself that I deserve bad things to happen but not good things.

I'm just having a bad day. I'll get over. Hopefully.


  1. Sorry you had such a bad day. We all have bad days every now and then, so I think you're entitled to it.

  2. Aww, sorry to hear about your bad day. Hope the coming days will be much better for you! :)

  3. I hope the sun comes back!!! I went through a season of dreary, sad days and am glad it's far behind. Saying a little prayer for joy.

  4. It's Spring tomorrow :) Even though we will be getting snow, it means the lovely flowers will be out soon. Notice the small things in life that can help keep your chin up :)

  5. Sunshine does make you happy. I know I miss it any day it's not here. I feel it. Have you tried just walking around smiling? I've read that really works, even if you feel ridiculous;) Wishing you a better day!

  6. Awwww very sorry to hear about your bad day!
    Gotta tell ya - I went back to school in my 40s, finished a master's in my 50s, and now run a thriving home biz and am scheduled to start medical school in the fall. So I know the stresses of juggling so many things!!

    You might try practicing 15 minutes of "acting as if" you're having a really good day, every day. Even if that's the only part of your day that's good, it might give you something to celebrate!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your bad day. I've had quite a few of those lately myself. Today is the first day of Spring so I'm hoping that the warming weather and sunshine will help to lift the funk! Just keep your head up and keep in mind that, "this to shall pass." :)

  8. The chance/opportunity to escape science should be reward enough! I, myself, am planning on taking some classes this summer or fall to help facilitate a career change if I need it.

    BUT, today is the first day of spring and that means...slightly less snow for you all up there? Summer will be here soon! Things will turn up! Just, don't let the illegitimis wear you down. :D


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