Monday, March 4, 2013


They practiced a lockdown at my son's school last week. A lockdown. In kindergarten! It is so important and I am so glad that the school will be prepared God-forbid something happens, but it scares the fuck out of me! Seriously. Thinking about my little guy stuck in the bathroom with 18 of his closest friends playing hide and seek scares me so much. I go a little crazy thinking about it. Makes me want to take him and hide him under the covers with me forever. Because my bed is the safest place I can think of.

He took it in stride. "We had to go into the girl's room because there was a stranger in the building," he told me. That's it. Just a stranger in the building. I'm glad he is not as frightened of me. I'm glad he doesn't know really why they are in the girl's bathroom and I would rather not think about it.

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  1. They did that in my kids school too. But really its no protection most schools have wooden doors and its just a sick and scary. I guess its the new reality have to live with and it SUCKS


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