Thursday, March 7, 2013

Neighborhood Character

I live in a predominately Spanish neighborhood. We've got bodegas on the corners and places that you can get cheap international phone cards. Mostly, I like my neighborhood. It gets a little loud (okay, very loud) in the summer time, but it gives the place character.

There is an older gentleman in my neighborhood that is in a wheel chair. He is always in the road. Not on the side of the road, but in the road. Sometimes he is courteous and is at least in the crosswalk in the road, but not always. How this man does not get hit by a car is a mystery.

I see this man daily when it is warmer out. I try not to hit him. One day I was walking past him and he asked for some change. I don't give out my change (judge me if you will) so I told him I didn't have any. He then said something to me in Spanish. I don't know Spanish, but I can be certain it wasn't something nice. Honestly, I wanted to say something like "Hey pal, I live in the same neighborhood as you! Just because I am white does not mean that I am rich." But I didn't. Which is probably for the best because there is no need to justify, propagate, or assume someone is stereotyping you.

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  1. I saw a pigeon in the street today and i wondered the same thing although a man is a whole other deal. I think if someone calls you a mean name for no reason you get a frozen yogurt with at least one topping Suzie's rules


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