Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Reading: Using Statistical Methods in Social Science Research and, yes, it is as exciting as it sounds. I haven't read for fun in 7 months and I do not think I will be again for a very long time. School takes up so much time and energy. I feel like I am always doing school work. This course is the hardest and only 5 more weeks of it.

Listening to: I love the new Ben Folds song You Don't Know Me. I made it my ringtone :)

Thinking about: My mom. She had an "inoperable" tumor removed last week. I am so happy. Hopefully this can be a new beginning for her.

Watching: Desperate Housewives season 8. I love that show. There are others that I would like to try, Walking Dead being one of them, but I have to finish Desperate Housewives first. I just gotta.

Bummed out on: The world. Seriously, seems like nothing good is happening in the world. Death, destruction, keeping people down, stereotypes, natural disasters. For a while I stopped reading the news because it got me down so badly. Maybe I should stop reading it again for a while. That won't stop it, though. There is facebook and twitter. It is just depressing, is all.

Loving: Summer. This summer has been great so far. Went camping, met new people, hung out with my family, saw some friends that I don't see often enough, have gotten a lot of time with Ryder, my mom's surgery... Life is pretty good. (Then why am I so down all the time?)

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  1. I hope that you can read for fun again soon. I'd feel naked without a novel in my purse at all times!

    I'm so glad that they were able to operate on your mom's "inoperable" tumour. My best wishes go out to her

    I chose the same prompt that you did this week. It's nice to share some small slices of our lives with everyone :)

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  3. My mom always told me when there is bad going on in the world always look for the good PEOPLE. It makes it a little easier but not much. I am a college senior and totally understand the thrill of reading college textbooks.Have a great night!


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