Thursday, September 26, 2013

It Happened at Daycare

It finally happened.

And it happened at daycare.

Someone made fun of Ryder for not having a dad.

Poor kid. And I am pretty sure that the other kid doesn't see his dad, either.

So Ryder asked me the other day where his dad was. I told him that I didn't know. He asked if he had told me and I explained that I hadn't spoken to him in a long time. I asked if he had any other questions, but he said that he didn't.

He didn't tell me about the kid at daycare, but he told my parents.

I hope he feels comfortable enough to ask me any more questions, if he has any. And hopefully if he doesn't feel comfortable with me, maybe he'll feel comfortable enough to ask my parents.

Have you had to field any of these questions?

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Boy Scout Dilemma

My son came home with a flyer for the boy scouts. He was very excited and couldn't wait to show me. He said "I am really excited for this, Mama." How can you say no to that? I haven't been thrilled with the boy scouts, but how do I explain that they do not like gay people or atheists to a six year old? I certainly do not want my son discriminating or being discriminated against.

What do I do?

Also, he has told me that they only do boy things at boy scouts. I tried explaining that girls can do anything boys can do and vise versa. We ended up agreeing to disagreeing with him asking that we don't talk about it any more. I certainly do not want some organization reaffirming that boys cannot do girl things.

What do I do?

I'm going to look around and see if there are any other clubs he can join, maybe at the boys and girls club or 4H? Do they have 4H anymore? I'll have to look into it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Suicide Awareness Day

USC’s MSW Programs Blog Day.

So, here is my thought on the matter: suicidal thoughts and talks should be taken seriously. So many people ignore them because the person is just "looking for attention" or are being "dramatic". You know what? Maybe they are looking for attention and they need to be dramatic for someone to hear them and help them. I know what it is like to hear someone say that they want to kill themselves all the time. I know that it gets old, but you know what? It is probably not just "getting old" to them. Hunter S. Thompson talked about killing himself all the time. Guess what? He did. I bet people around him stopped taking him seriously.

I am not blaming anyone. I am not looking to point the finger at anyone. I just want you to know that I will take you seriously. You are not alone. Loads of people, myself included, have had suicidal thoughts. And no, most of the time they come to nothing. Good.  But sometimes they do. And because of that, I think we need to take people more seriously and people need to know where to get help.

The number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1 (800) 273-TALK (8255).

There are online resources. I am a personal fan of Twitter for mental health issues. There are so many groups out there that you can tweet to and someone will respond.

There are other options. There are people who know what you are going through. You are alive and for that I am grateful.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Does taking a lot of medications mean that I am crazy?

I know that the answer is no, but sometimes it is easy to forget that. Especially when I go to the pharmacy and the pharmacy technician practically whispers my total because it is so much money. This happens every time. I understand prescriptions cost a lot of money, but when they whisper, it feels like something that I should be ashamed of. They probably just don't want to tell the world that I spend a lot on meds, they are probably just trying to be polite, but it makes me feel crazy. I know that no one else knows that the total is made up of only prescriptions prescribed by my psychologist, but I know. And the pharmacy technician knows. And so, I feel crazy.

Has this ever happened to you?