Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Does taking a lot of medications mean that I am crazy?

I know that the answer is no, but sometimes it is easy to forget that. Especially when I go to the pharmacy and the pharmacy technician practically whispers my total because it is so much money. This happens every time. I understand prescriptions cost a lot of money, but when they whisper, it feels like something that I should be ashamed of. They probably just don't want to tell the world that I spend a lot on meds, they are probably just trying to be polite, but it makes me feel crazy. I know that no one else knows that the total is made up of only prescriptions prescribed by my psychologist, but I know. And the pharmacy technician knows. And so, I feel crazy.

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Whispering your total is just plain weird. If it was alot of money....perhaps she/he didn't want the others to know. They might step out of line, afraid their perscriptions would be too expensive to fill.

  2. They are a bazillion laws and regulations regarding etiquette when disclosing ANYTHING to do with people's health information. It has NOTHING to do with YOU personally, it's called HIPAA.


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