Thursday, December 5, 2013

Birthdays and Loved Ones

Last Sunday was my birthday. Ryder asked me what I was planning on doing for my birthday. When did he become old enough to worry about plans? I told him that I wasn't sure, so he asked me the next day, too.

First thing he usually does when he wakes up is run into my room and ask if he can play video games. I usually say yes and he goes running off. Sunday, though, he said "Happy birthday!" This touched me immensely. He wasn't just thinking about himself and how he wanted to play video games. He was thinking of how it was my birthday. I know he is a kind and thoughtful child, but I was still thrown back a little.

He really made my birthday special. I wonder if he understands how much that means to me. I can not believe how quickly he is growing. Just last year, I would have had to remind him 30 times that it was my birthday. Now he wishes me a happy birthday before I even open my eyes.

I've never enjoyed my birthday. Well, that's probably not true, ever since I've been an adult my birthday has kind of sucked. One year, for instance, I was in court trying to get a restraining order. That put a damper on the celebrations.

This year was different. Not only did Ryder make it special, but my boyfriend did too. We went over to his house where there was dinner and cake then came back to my house to watch the movie he got me. All simple things, but really it was lovely. Now I'm starting to look forward to more.

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  1. I love this - I always disliked my birthday too. Still do though. Hubby has only one time tried to make it any kind of special. It sucks.


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