Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Depression: Day 4

I'm so over this. There is way too much to do to be stuck in bed. I have too much work to do, yet it gets harder and harder every day to go.

I am overwhelmed.

I don't even know what to write, where to start.

The worst part is that there is no end in sight. No light at the end. I mean, maybe, but the light is dim and too many years away. By then I will have missed so much.

People make me sad. The state of the world makes me sad. People who blame themselves for things they could not have prevented, ironically, make me sad.

I have been happier lately. Maybe this is my depression reminding me who is in charge here.


  1. Depression is an multi-colored thing. But to us it is merely shades of black and gray. Overwhelmed. Light at the end of the tunnel? Can't even see the tunnel let alone a light. And there's loneliness. And brokenness. Emptiness. And mostly wanting to stay in bed, no sound. Absolutely no people. No mean, stupid people.

    But there are days when you are surprised to see the sun. And then the desire to feel the warmth on your face. I wait for those days and try to enjoy them to the fullest.

  2. I am with you. Most of the time I am content in my own little world but lately, the down time has been more and more. Maybe it is the weather, the time of year, etc.....


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