Friday, January 23, 2015


I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school until 3rd grade. Then we moved and couldnt afford private school. Soon we stopped going to church because the church wouldnt accept my parent's non-Catholic friends as godparents for my sister. There was very little talk of religion growing up and in school I fell in love with science.

During my teenage years, I started declaring myself agnostic. I didnt know if there was a god, but I didnt really put much thought into it either. I didnt really care. I figured agnostic was safe because I could not care, but if there was a god, I was safe too.

Finally, as my knowledge of science increased, my disbelief did as well. What bibles and preachers said did not fit into the observable world. I am now a proud atheist. I do not look down on people for believing in a higher power, in fact, sometimes I envy them. I think life would be easier if I could blame a god for things that happen or ask a god for help with difficult situations. Maybe I would not feel so alone. On the other hand, I like not being deceived. I see things as they are. I dont accept things that I dont understand as something a god does. No, I question things and I investigate things and I learn. I take responsibility for my actions and believe others should as well. I do not hate in the name of any higher power. I believe all people are equal. 

While I am not an antitheist, I do believe that religion can be detrimental sometimes. I am not against it, as a whole, because of all of the good it does bring, especially to those in need, but I do believe that without it, peace would be more attainable.

Finally, I should admit, that if there were hard evidence of such an entity I would be open minded and consider said evidence. I do not expect such evidence to exist, though.

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