Saturday, June 4, 2016


He bats so much better during practice. He hits the ball almost accidentally. He swings the bat casually and runs almost without a destination. He hits the bag and pauses for a moment to see where the ball is. He sees it's far enough away to take another base. He looks a little bobble head-ish with his batting helmet. He looks so cute with the baseball cap. He grabs his mitt and saunters to the outfield. He sees the ball coming towards him but just watches as it passes by. He hears the unmistakable crack of the bat hitting the ball and decides to go after this one. He grabs the ball and tosses it to a teammate like a pitcher on opening day. It's only practice but for young boy it might as well be life.


  1. The expansion of the shortstop came later, around 1850, when Daniel Adams perceived the need of this individual on the grounds that the balls utilized were so lightweight they couldn't be tossed far. The shortstop should have been ready to run them to a man holding up by a base.

  2. Baseball Scouts are trained talent evaluators which are continuously on the road evaluating upcoming baseball prospects.


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