About Me

You clicked on "About Me" to learn about me, right? I hope I do not disappoint.

I live in Salem, MA. It pretty much is as cool as you think. Which I am assuming is a lot. I love Salem.

I work in Boston doing research.

I have a son named Ryder. He is six going on 14. He is developing quite the little attitude.

I have no idea where this attitude came from.

I get depressed fairly often. It is pretty difficult to deal with.

I am an eternal pessimist. This, I believe, spares me from disappointment. Well, most of the time at least. And being a pessimist is so much easier than getting excited.

I love music, movies, books, snowboarding, knitting, letterboxing, drinking, and relaxing. Not necessarily in that order.

My email address is barbalutes17@yahoo.com


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  2. Hi Raine, I discovered you from Voiceboks from a post your wrote titled Four Ways Single Moms Can Stay Happy. Every word was true as I am living that truth today as a single mom. I've just added you to my twitter contacts.I look forward to the connection.


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